Wedding DJ Song Ideas

By 11th October 2017 No Comments

Hauntingly Beautiful A-Ha 'Take On Me' Cover by the original lineup!

As a leading wedding DJ supplier, we consider it very important that we’re always on top of the latest musical trends as well as music that is charting and being played (And sometimes overplayed!) on the radio.

It has become a trend at weddings of late to use slowed down acoustic covers of very well known pop-songs to lend a more sombre but still familiar flavour to the day’s special moment’. It’s also a trick T.V producers use frequently on shows like the O.C. I included a couple of examples of this in my “Songs to Walk Down the Aisle to” blog post which I recommend all brides to be to check out if you’re stuck for ideas.

I stumbled upon another excellent example of this today and just had to share it. This is ‘take on me’ by A-Ha, which we of course know as a very poppy, energetic and upbeat dance track performed by the band’s original lineup totally slowed down and stripped back in a hauntingly beautiful way. In doing this, they’ve succeeded in giving the track new life and new meaning.

At this more digestible speed we’re more inclined to process the lyrics and have a think about what they mean (I’ll be stumbling away/ slowly learning that life is okay) – and they’re actually quite sad and bittersweet. Playing something as unique and beautiful as this at a wedding or event allows the memories of this song and the wedding to become inextricably linked. So when you are speaking to your wedding DJ, ask if he or she has any unique or quirky covers that can make those special moments extra special.

I would love to see someone “Take this on” as their walking down the aisle song, or their ‘first married dance song’. Let me know what you think of it in the comments!