Aisle Of You! Magical songs to walk down the Aisle to

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The tension builds until an excited hush falls over the crowd.  Suddenly, the room is filled with beautiful music and a stunning white figure…

Walking down the aisle: it’s the most magical moment in a very magical day. It’s also perhaps the most memorable musical moment of the day. All brides remember the song they walked down the aisle too. But with thousands upon thousands of options, how do you choose something that’s going to both enhance and capture the emotions of the moment?

Full Effect’s head DJ Vince Cargeeg has put together this list of five spine-tinglingly beautiful songs to walk down the aisle to.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love – Hayley Reinhardt

Originally put out by The King in 1962, this is an utterly gorgeous reinvention of the classic ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Hayley Reinhardt. It was used as the soundtrack for a very sweet Extra gum commercial (see the video). It’s a wonderful choice of entrance song, as Reinhardt’s slightly jazzy vocals float effortlessly around the venue paired with the mournful piano chords.

Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer

Heres one that’s drenched in bitter sweet nostalgia, appealing to every kid who grew up in the 90s or has seen the movie “She’s All That”. I like it because it’s slightly more peppy and upbeat than many entrance songs, and its guaranteed to make everyone in the crowd think of their teen loves. Lyrics like “Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance” evoke celebrations of love against picturesque backdrops, and with the Bride’s repeated requests to kiss her, the Groom may not be able to wait for the celebrant to give him the cue!

You Belong to Me – Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni is a French/Italian songstress, and happens to be the third wife of the controversial former French President Nicolas Sarkosy. Politics aside, she’s an incredible vocalist as demonstrated in this cover of ‘You Belong to Me’. This song is actually an old ballad written back in 1952 by Pee Wee King, Chilton Price and Redd Stewart, but has been covered dozens of times over the years. Another beautiful cover by Jason Wade was featured in the movie Shrek, however Bruni’s is my personal favourite.

At Last – Etta James

This is probably the most traditional entry on this list, and not an uncommon entry at weddings, but its unassuming beauty and elegance just can’t be ignored.  Beyonce sang it at Obama’s inauguration, and it’s been covered countless other times, but Etta’s original version with the stunning string introduction has a place in the heart of many newlyweds. At just over three minutes, it’s the perfect length for the entry of the Bridal party and Bride.

To Know Him is to Love Him – Amy Winehouse

This beautiful piece of art by the late great Amy Winehouse grabs the heartstrings and doesn’t let go of them for two and a half minutes. I absolutely love it. Its refreshing to be presented with the perspective of the woman singing about her love, when many classic Wedding songs are an ode to the woman sung by a man.  The beauty of Amy’s voice is in its gravelly imperfections, and played over our high quality sound systems, this track sounds absolutely haunting. Shivers all round guaranteed.

Remember, choosing an entrance song is just one part of your wedding planning. We have produced another blog post you can view here, which provides a lot of helpful general info for putting together the rest of your special day.

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