The Full Effect Guide to Wedding Planning: Part I

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Everyone who has ever planned a Wedding in Perth knows that there’s a lot more to it than hiring great Perth DJ services. It’s more than okay to ask for help when you’re planning your wedding; after all, chances are you’re not an event planner, so it’s almost like someone whose not a builder building a house. We’ve put together this handy checklist to give you a rough idea of the types of things you will need to think about. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive guide, and all weddings are different and will therefore have different needs, but it’s a good place to start when planning your wedding in Perth.

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8-12 Months Out

Book your venue.

If you’re opting to get married in a church, you’ll need to book this as well as the reception location (unfortunately we don’t have any Vegas style drive through chapels in Perth!). Keep in mind that certain reception venues that aren’t usually used for food service (for example the Perth Town hall) don’t come with a functioning kitchen, so you’ll also need to book caterers, tables, chairs and a bar. If you’d prefer not to deal with this level of logistical complexity, it’s probably best to book a venue that’s ordinarily used as a Restaurant (ready made) and will have all of these things included in the booking.

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Book your stylist.

In recent years there has been a trend towards employing stylists to work on weddings, who are usually experts in interior decoration and graphic design. Their role is to come up with a consistent design scheme for the wedding, which may include both the graphic design (Eg. Designing invitations, monograms, table plans, menus etc) as well as the physical design, which usually comprises of floristry, furniture, grazing plates, present tables, wishing wells and the like. With the advent of Instagram and the explosion of the vintage aesthetic and boutique events there’s a lot of pressure on today’s Brides to create a wedding that is “Insta-Worthy”. However, by far the most important thing is to come up with an event that is reflective of the Bride and Groom, and some of the best weddings I have ever been to have subscribed to the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). Remember, big budgets don’t make an event great, intelligent use of resources does.

What’s the difference between a Stylist and a Wedding planner?

Good question! The term wedding planner has been used for much longer, but there’s quite a lot of overlap in what we define the two roles as today. In theory a stylist will be more design/visually focussed, and a wedding planner will be more logistically focussed, but when seeking out quotes make sure to get in writing what services are to be provided for the agreed fee. You don’t necessarily need to use both a stylist and a wedding planner, or even either, depending on how polished you want the finished even to be.

One thing I will say is that in a situation where you’re dealing with a space that isn’t ready-made (i.e. not a restaurant or function centre), it really pays to appoint someone as a “show runner”, even if they are a friend or family member. Their role is to take delivery of hire equipment during the day (you’ll obviously be busy getting beautified) and supervise the setup (which we call the bump-in). After you’ve left the venue to your honeymoon suite, they step unto action again at about midnight. They are responsible for being sober and supervising the bump out of furniture and hire equipment, because most venues require this to be removed either the same night or by early the next morning.

Note: Failing to take the above into account can be disastrous and result in lost bonds!

6-8 Months out

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Book your DJ/M.C

Obviously we recommend Full Effect, but we’re a little bit biased 😉 You may want to check out this blog post, which contains a number of important considerations when booking a mobile DJ. There are a LOT of Perth DJ services out there and they certainly aren’t all reputable – check out this blog post for signs your DJ might be more train crash than crash hot.

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6 Months out

Ensure all required suppliers are booked

Depending on the size and complexity of your wedding, other than your Perth DJ Services you may have 30 or more suppliers, who all require individual deposits and management. Here are some examples of wedding suppliers you may or may not have considered already:

Baby sitters, cake supplier, car supplier (limo entry and exit), caterers, celebrant, church/parish, crockery and cutlery, dance floor, event décor, florists, furniture, graphic designer, hair and make-up, Hotel (night-of and honey moon), marquees/structural suppliers, musicians, pet-minders, photo booth, photographer, port-a-loos, security, service staff (both bar and food), venue lighting, videographer.

Don’t be intimidated by the size of this list, as they won’t all apply to every wedding. If you’re using a ready-made venue, you won’t have to worry about furniture, for example.

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1-4 Months out

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Meet with DJ for musical planning session

Most reputable Perth DJ Services will provide one or two face-to-face meetings to discuss the musical services they will be providing on your big day. This meeting will be a lot more productive with even a small amount of pre-planning. Check out this blog post for a bunch of handy resources you can consult to come up with some ideas to discuss with your Perth DJ or any Perth DJ Services.

In this session you will discuss the music that will be played at all the key moments during the day, such as the first dance, father daughter dance, and you may even discuss songs to walk down the aisle to.

It is becoming increasingly common for snippets of songs to be played during the introduction of the bridal party, so this is something you will need to discuss with the DJ. You will also discuss the general vibe of the music you want played at various moments, and the DJ will ask you if there is any songs or artists that you either definitely do (Must play list) or definitely don’t (must not play list) want played.

Lastly you will discuss requests, and how you want your DJ to handle them, especially when made drunkenly and not in the best interest of the party.

1 Month out

One month before your big day, you should be working on completing a run-sheet for the day. This is best done in Microsoft Excel, and should include names and contact numbers of all key people as well as details of their logistical requirements. Here’s an example that you can use as a template for your own schedule.

As mentioned above, it’s a really good idea to assign someone as show runner who will enforce this schedule, as you will be in the midst of your own physical preparations and fundamentally unable to supervise any of this very important stuff.

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Relax and enjoy your special day. Remember that things will go wrong, and your happiness should not and can not be contingent on everything going right. Smile and shrug it off – the memories are what matter, and they can’t be taken away from you.


Don’t forget to contact us to discuss any of your musical needs with our Perth DJ services, through this website or on 0422 258 276.


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