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Epic DJ Fails

By 31st March 2017 No Comments

When it all goes wrong – Mobile DJ Fails

Most people have a bad DJ story. Parties with woeful Mobile DJ s are remembered, just not for the right reasons. Many young women spend many a day dreaming about their wedding, but if the DJ “accidentally” plays Mystikal’s ‘Shake Ya Ass’ as she’s walking down the aisle, those dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare.

There are a few warning signs that you might be about to hire a dodgy DJ, read our blog post for more info.

Having said all this, DJ fails can be a source of humour – just as long as you’re not on the receiving end. This post explores some of the dodgiest DJs ever to disgrace a wedding function centre – luckily, most of them seem to be in the U.S.A.

Spock as a Perth Mobile DJ playing at 21sts Weddings Parties

Exhibit A: Mr Smooth Moves

Clearing the floor is never something a DJ should aim for, especially if it’s so he can show off this exuberant but craptastically cringeworthy routine. It’s a generally agreed rule that the DJ should be spending 99% of the time behind the decks – that’s not to say our DJs at Full Effect don’t get a bit of a groove on while we work.

Exhibit B Part 2 – …What the Diddly?!

It’s hard to believe people like this guy exist, let alone get paid to provide a service. Further to the previous video, another example of DJs straying into the realm of semi-professional dance, and not knowing that their moves are a little bit Windows 95 (i.e. could probably use an update).

We can only assume his stage name is  ‘DJ Ned Flanders’.

Exhibit B: Mammary Drumming 

This DJ has achieved internet notoriety as the world’s worst DJ. While he’s indisputably terribly, it’s hard not to be a tiny bit impressed when he manages to nail the iconic Drum intro from ‘In The Air’. Unfortunately his choice of drums is less than ideal.

Exhibit C: Wedding Entrance Nightmare

I don’t even have words for this clownery. What should be a very special moment is shattered, as the DJ plays a series of tracks that are all equally unlikely to be the entrance song. Cringeeeeeee.

(At Full Effect, we have very clear communication channels with our client and actually listen to and take note of their instructions, instead of just saying ‘yeah yeah yeah’ and then letting something like this train crash occur).

Exhibit D: The Baby Genius

Well this is just ridiculous! Unless you want the dance floor to be covered in Talc and the DJ to constantly halt the music until one of those ladies in the tiny dresses gives him some milk, don’t hire this guy. If your DJ offers to be paid in rusks, watch out!

On a serious note: avoid under experienced DJs. At Full Effect, all of our DJs have a minimum of five years of professional experience, so you know that they know their stuff.

Picture of a Baby Mobile DJ playing at a Party in Perth