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Iconic Dance Moves to Ignite the Floor

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There’s plenty of scientific research that explores why us humans love to dance. At Full Effect DJs, the simplest explanation we can offer is that it is just good fun; a way of celebrating with our bodies.  Certain cultures, for example those found in Latin American, wholeheartedly embrace dance as a part of their every day being and expression. Generally, Australians aren’t known for being blessed with inborn rhythm and impossibly mobile hips, but that doesn’t stop us from getting down when there’s a good mobile DJ behind the decks from one of our Local DJ services Perth playing some epic tunes. Of course a bit of alcoholic lubrication never goes astray, either.

Girl dancing to local DJ services Perth
music by Elvis is popular with out Local Dj services Perth

In a previous blog post we looked at the make-up of a typical Full Effect DJs part set, i.e., what we use to get you moving and grooving.

In today’s blog post, we’re looking at some of the most iconic dance moves ever conceived. This may serve as inspiration, for all those who don’t consider themselves ‘natural dancers’ and want to get involved, but aren’t quite sure what to do with their limbs.


Gangnam Style – Riding the Pony

Pony facing right, dancing to DJs tunes

Gangnam style was the very divisive 2012 breakthrough single from Korean mega-star Psy. In the video clip, we were introduced to a move that involved riding an imaginary horse (and giving it quite an imaginary whipping while doing so!). As it happens, 2012 was a big year for thinly veiled sexual euphemisms involving horses. The release of Magic Mike revived Gin-U-Wine’s ‘Pony’, with it’s raunchy invitation: “If you’re horny, let’s do it / Ride it; my pony.”  While providing our local dj services Perth we’ve seen many very interesting dance translations of these lyrics; we’ll leave it up to you and your imagination to come up with your own.

Prancing pony facing left, dancing to DJ music


Single Ladies – The Sassy Hunchback

Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ has been a dance floor staple for our Local DJ services Perth since 2008, and there’s one move from her classic black and white film clip that everyone loves to attempt.

Back hunched, fists alternating while stepping forward, then back – yeah, you know the one. But what is she doing? Pulling craypots? Weeding the garden? We may never know. Earlier this year, a story broke that Beyonce’s routine in this video was heavily inspired (Some might say plagiarised) from a 1969 TV Variety show bit. Whatever it’s origins, it’s a really fun one for both men and women, old and young, to bust out and give the dance floor some sass that could only come from the Queen Bee.


Drake – Hotline Bling 

Phone playing music by Perth based DJ

Drake’s video for Hotline bling launched a thousand memes, with his dance moves only matched in dagginess by Elaine from Seinfeld’s. But this raised the question: If Drake’s doing these moves, does that make them automatically cool?’. That depends who you ask – but I think we can all agree that the bent over grounded leg swivels are a lot of fun, and in this meme-powered internet age they have iconic status at least for the next few years (or until we all forget about Drake, whichever comes first).

Another phone, facing right


John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever 

Time for a throwback. The year is 1977. The whole world is rugged up in bed with a very bad case of Disco fever. John Travolta, a light-up dance floor, and a move that suggests holstering and de-holstering a gun (this has always been my interpretation anyway). While it seems daggy now, Travolta, and these kinds of moves, were pure sex at the time. These days we love to see ‘The Travolta” make an appearance on the dance floors we start, and while they may not know its origins, we can only hope the younger generation adopt it as their own and make sure it’s stayin’ alive (Sorry, couldn’t help it!).

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Just as iconic as the above is another classic move we’ve got Travolta to thank for: The greased lighting. A hand travels face down horizontally across the chest, and then rapidly holsters and de-holsters an imaginary gun. Pro tip: put these two in a combo for dance-floor domination!


Michael Jackson – Moonwalk, Lean

We owe so many iconic moves to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Who hasn’t had a crack at the Moonwalk and then blamed their shoes?

Speaking of shoes, Michael Jackson patented a very special pair to be able to achieve the incredible gravity defying lean move in his 1987 Smooth Criminal video clip. Note: do not attempt this one in regular shoes. You will fall flat on your face. It will hurt.

Michael jackson shoe patent


Late 50s Early 60s Dance Crazes 

In 1959, the world experienced the greatest dance crazy there ever was in The Twist. At the time it was mainly performed by teens who listened to rock and roll (Satan’s music) and considered scandalously erotic (although it’s nothing compared to the semi-nude gyration you see on MTV today). The pony, the Watusi, the mashed potato, the funky chicken and the monkey followed the twist, but sadly these didn’t gain the same level of traction internationally. Having said that, there’s no time like the present to revive them to the tunes played by your skilful Perth DJ.


MC Hammer – The Crab

It’s been a good 27 years since his biggest hit, but we still can’t touch this. While technically it was released in 1990, this clip oozes all the goodness of the eighties. The inimitable MC treats us to a number of fly outfits, with my personal favourite being the yellow blazer and hammer pants. The breakdown features the much replicated “crab move”, which should, of course, continue until one is advised that it is Hammer Time. You should also be reminded that a minute should be put aside, in which we will all do ‘the bump’ (Bump, bump, bump).

So what makes great dance floors great?

Having provided local DJ services Perth for as long as we have, we know a lot about what makes a great dance floor great. It’s definitely nothing to do with whether the people on it are ‘good’ dancers. Unfortunately many people hold back from from joining a dance floor because they’re self conscious about their ability to dance. The reality is the majority of people on a dance floor aren’t “good” at dancing; they’re just having a fun time while moving their bodies in time to the music. So it’s important that party people support each other’s efforts on the floor, no matter how silly it all seems. This willingness to embrace the silliness of the situation is what truly makes a dance floor hilariously good fun.


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