Spring has sprung, Summer is coming….

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Spring has sprung and we are about to be flung headfirst into a brutal but luscious Aussie summer, and this can only mean one thing: pool parties ahoy! CANNON BALLLLLL!

The only appropriate place to beat the heat is either beside a pool or in one. We’ve got all the ingredients to make sure you’re chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool, all summer long.  Full Effect Pro DJ Service can supply you with a good dj hire in Perth , which can be the difference between hosting the party of the year, and a bit of a Belly Flop.  

Essential Elements for a Killer Summer Party 

Choice Tuneage

This is where we come in: Perth’s number one party DJs serving up our musical witchcraft that hit harder than one of Uncle Brendan’s bombies. Of course, you could spend hours making a playlist and play it over a tinny Bluetooth speaker – or, you could let us take you on a personalised musical journey with the help of our talented DJs and club standard gear. Our JBL speakers sound great in indoor and outdoor settings and are sure to get things moving in the right direction with deep base and tight crispy treble.

Our Head DJ Vince creates a ultra smooth sonic experience that fits summer like a hand in a glove, drawing inspiration from genres like tropical house, latin, reggae and jazzy funk.

No Aussie summer party is complete without a a bit of Australi-YARN-a, so be sure to request some of these alternate anthems (Advance Australia what?)

best wedding dj perth
pineapple in the poolwater

Pool (Duhh!)

If you don’t have one, immediately start scoping out your more benevolent and open-minded neighbours and more importantly, their backyards.

If you’re feeling handy and have some time up your sleeve, you could even check out these options for a low budget pewl that’s still rather kewl – or find a tarp and a sprinkler and go for a traditional slip and slide.


Those Insta-worthy swans were the stars of last summer, and having an ample supply of inflatable props for shameless selfies has become an important part of any summer booze-up.

We’ve scoured the interwebs to find some affordable and memorable options:

Rose gold flamingos!

Hot dogs!

A whole bloody floating bar, cos why not!

all good parties need inflatables and a good dj
Cocktails at a party with a good dj in perth


Can you here the sound of ice blocks gently chinking inside a glass of freshly poured sangria? Take yourself to the piazzas of Spain or the beaches of Montenegro with this marvellous compendium of cocktail options.

We tried a few, you know, for research purposes. The watermelon martini was particularly sound – for those occasions when Mr Bond feels a little flirty.

Barbecued meats

Summer is for ‘meating’ new people – impress your guests with some tasty booze sponge burgers, or get fancy and smoke some meat low and slow like they do in the Deep South. Experiment with lengthy marinades and bastes – the barbecue is a blank canvas for all your delicious summer dalliances! Think mango and lime peri peri and sticky bourbon ribs.

Chop chop and hit up your local butcher shop!

when having a yummy barbecue like this don't forget to hire a good dj in perth
More eye candy for a good dj in perth
good dj hire in perth providing ear candy and eye candy