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Handy Resources for Musical Planning

As someone who has spend countless hours over the years planning music for many different kinds of events, there are a few little corners of the web I find myself visiting time and time again. If you’re in a position where you’re using a DJ Hire Service, and now you’re putting together a list of requests (particularly for a wedding), I highly recommend checking one or all of these out. The relationship between you and your DJ will be so much more productive if you come to him or her with a preformed idea of what you want, both in terms of the broad brush strokes (genres, vibes or moods that you want to create) and specific songs (the atoms that make up the musical soundscape). We also have another really handy blog post here, which covers some general, non-musical aspects of wedding planning.

So without further ‘I do’ ..

Desk, DJ equipment, records and headphones at DJ hire place.

A common description of the kind of music our clients want at their event is – “Top 40 Stuff, you know, like what you hear on the radio”. It’s a really good idea to check out the Australian Recording Industry Association top 40 singles at this link. There may be something that’s in the charts that you love, or something that drives you totally bonkers due to radio overplay – either way you should let your DJ know. Do keep in mind, though, that just because a song is charting, it doesn’t mean that it’s ‘good’ or appropriate for your event (Looking at you Crazy Frog Song).

If you’re feeling particularly thorough, you can also check out the U.S charts and the U.K charts.

Our DJs at Full Effect check this resource frequently, to make sure we always have access to the freshest tracks.

Dj Hire service in Perth with many vinyls and cassettes
Cassette tapes at the office of a DJ Hire Service

DJ Intelligence produce very powerful musical planning tools for Event professionals and people like me who run a DJ Hire Service. They generously allow you to ‘tour’ some of their resources without subscribing with a demo account. This allows you to check out a list of ‘most requested songs’ at this link, compiled from data collected from thousands of weddings and events. Because it’s a U.S based service there is a little bit of variation to what you might hear at Australian weddings, but it’s a really great launching pad to start brainstorming some ideas about what you want musically for your event.


The team at Full Effect have put together this playlist of super chilled acoustic tunes that are perfect for a loved-up but low key wedding or a cute summer garden party with flowing Pimms. Have a listen; they may inspire you, or they may remind you of a song you love somewhere in the outback of your brain. You can also use these songs as markers or starting points to help describe what you’re after to your DJ – (eg. I want something like this, but not quite).

A final word… 

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be getting too stressed about song choices, as you have so many other facets of the wedding to consider, and you’re using a DJ Hire Service to take care of the music for you. Rest assured, that even if you don’t provide strong indications to the DJ about what you’re after, they will simply default to what we know works from our years of experience. We adapt to the needs of the crowd, whatever they might be. Our number one rule of DJing at Full Effect is to always act in the best interest of the party and the dance floor. This leads to strong musical choices even without input from the client.

Nonetheless, if there are songs that have a special meaning to you and your bride, groom or family, it’s always a nice touch to incorporate them.


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