Vince Cargeeg is the founder and head maestro for FULL EFFECT.

When it comes to DJ Hire Perth, Vince is your go-to guy.

He entered the industry after observing a large number of “DJs” in Perth who seemed to be wearing the same suit they wore to their school ball in the 80s, while passionlessly pressing play on their copy of ‘So Fresh 2001’.

Worse still were the parties – we’ve all been to one – where a guest hijacks the speaker system with their phone, and decides that their epic doom metal playlist is just what the party needs.

Vince knew that there was a demand for a better class of DJ Hire Perth. One that offered a stylish service to meet the needs of today’s function attendees.  With an unmatched drive to create a dynamic and exciting DJ service, Vince learned the trade performing at Weddings, Birthday parties and Corporate functions, and hasn’t really looked back.

With his adept musical timing, he quickly earned a reputation among his clients for being a bonafide party starter.

Vince’s favourite musical genres are hip hop (old school), funk, 80s and 90s. His DJing pays tribute to greats such as the Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince.

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The importance of music in making or breaking a party cannot be understated. The team of DJs in Perth at Full Effect work tirelessly to get it right each and every time. We work with a network of venues and DJs in Perth to perfectly pair your event and your musical requirements. This includes sorting out all the technical requirements that can be a real headache for organisers.