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Full Effect DJ Hire Guide to Christmas Parties

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Things to Avoid at the Office Christmas Party by Full Effect DJ Hire Service

Another great Aussie summer is upon us. Offices all across Australia are planning their Christmas parties, and if you’re looking for a great quality and great value DJ hire service to make sure you’re not left with a ‘silent night’ on your hands, then you’re in the right place! In our last blog we looked at some tips for how to make your office Christmas party achieve epic status, which  I highly recommend checking out. We are so lucky here in Australia to have the climate for hosting great summer parties indoors with aircon blasting, but especially outdoors on balmy night- which makes the Festive Season our favourite time of the year here at Full Effect Professional DJ Service. We love the sound of our premium speaker systems pumping out a perfect mix of today’s top 40 hits and the classics that everybody loves. Get out the mosquito coils and tiki torches, wheel out the barbie, get the beers on ice, but don’t forget to grab a great DJ hire from Full Effect!

Yep, tis the season to be jolly, but unfortunately, for some the office Christmas Party tis the time and place to be a jolly  idiot. The turkey is not just on the table, sometimes it’s you! How can you save yourself the ’embarrassment hangover’, or the walk of shame into work the day after you had a drunken wheelchair race and heckled the magician? Or maybe you went around finishing people’s drinks and told the CEO that his wife is a fox? Spiked the egg-nog with LSD and took the whole office on an unsanctioned company trip? Well, if you’ve done any of the above, sorry – it’s too late for you. Otherwise you should consult this handy list of things to avoid at the office Christmas party.


Not giving due consideration to music. Music makes or breaks parties – that’s the bottom line. Hiring a DJ is a sound investment (pun very much intended) in that it avoids the classic stitch up of everyone butchering the music by chopping, changing and skipping. Our DJs at Full Effect are highly skilled in creating a low-key ambience for the earlier parts of the night followed by uproarious dance floor moments when everyone’s ready for it.

Confessing your undying love to a superior, especially if married (you, or the superior!).

Placing any part of your body on the photocopy machine.

Confessing your undying love to anyone, really.

Any dance move designed to demonstrate flexibility that has been untested in recent times.

Being the last to leave. The stayers are an admirable bunch, but remember that nothing good ever happens after 2pm.

Selecting ‘Tiny Dancer’ for Karaoke (Seems like an excellent choice on paper but takes way too long to get to the chorus.)

Getting handsy on the dance floor. You can say that boob graze was accident, but no one’s going to believe you.

Lecturing anyone who’ll listen on the company’s strategic direction – so basically any sentences that start with “see the problem with what we’re doing is”

Hiring a caricaturist as the entertainment. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Being talked into believing you have any kind of super power, particularly of a sexual nature.

Booking clients or having any expectations that work of any kind will be completed the next day.

Misseltoe. Sure its there, as if daring us to do something totally wild in a very public forum. But if you’re smart you’ll avoid it, unless you want to become the night’s insta-scandal.

Unleashing that MAJOR piece of gossip you’ve been sitting on all long (eg. Andy from Accounting twilights as Candy from Accounting).

Telling your colleagues that you prefer the company of your cats because they’re far more interesting and intelligent.

Congratulating anyone on their “pregnancy” and asking how far along they are. Just don’t. It’s way, way to risky.
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