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Who ya gonna call for Halloween Party Ideas? Full Effect DJs!

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We're not just a DJ Hire Service, we've also sourced these wicked ideas for a Ghoul's Night In!

At Full Effect we love any excuse for a party, and although it traditionally hasn’t been celebrated that widely in Australia, Halloween parties are becoming more common each year. Great parties should always be accompanied by a great soundtrack – if you’d like us to help by supplying one of our quality professional DJ services (about us link) please do get in touch, we promise we don’t bite!

In the meantime check out these three great ideas to get your creative juices brewing away in the Witches’ cauldron of possibility.

dj for hire perth cool costume

1.) Murder on the dancefloor

There are a tonne of downloadable murder mystery games on the web that are spooktacularly good fun (cos lets face it Halloween is about laughing your head off as well as being scared stiff). Get some mates together for a night of both kinds of spirits, there’s been a Murder on the Dance floor, and someone’s stolen the groove!

2.) Franken-costume party

Frankenstein was made of many parts, and while swapping body parts is not recommended without the help of a medical professional, you can swap costume pieces instead. Everyone arrives at the party wearing costumes consisting of many parts. Things start to get fun (And potentially a little bit weird?) as the aim of the game is to be wearing one piece of everyone’s costume by the end of the night. If you’re with close friends you can create additional rules and penalties that require the forfeiting of a piece of costume.

dj for hire perth another cool cossie idea rabbit ears
cool potions dj for hire halloween party in perth

3.) Devil’s punch

There’s no better centrepiece for your Halloween party than a big cauldron full of this witchy brew-ha ha. Now, it’s a fair bit of effort sourcing the required cauldron/punch bowl and dry-ice, but the result is seriously worth it due to its sheer bad-assery. This site provides a recipe and even a video to guide you.

Another bit of fun, effective yet relatively inexpensive decoration you can do is turn your kitchen into a Dr Dreadful style laboratory. Cover a lamp with some green cellophane for a ghoulish tinge, and fill up some old beakers (or beakery looking things) with water mixed with different food dyes. A few plastic mice (or actual mice if your cats as lazy as mine is) and voila, you’re done!


Got any other ideas for a banging Halloween party? Wanna share your Grandma Ruth’s recipe for Pumpkin Scones? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for a top-notch DJ Hire Service in Perth to make sure the music at your Halloween party doesn’t scare everyone away, you can contact us through the simple form here. 


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