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Christmas Party DJ Hire – Lets get planning!

By 28th September 2017 No Comments

Lets face it; the office Christmas party is either epic, or a total snore fest. They’re usually a source of water-cooler scandals, but there’s a few things that you can do to make sure it’s the party itself not the people at the party who are talked about. Party planning committee, assemble!!

xmas blocks dj hire perth

1.) Make sure the entertainments on point

…and no we don’t mean Sally from accounting’s table dancing routine (although that’s also very entertaining). Many large companies opt for jazz trios, pianists or other live entertainers at their functions, which supposedly oozes class and style, but can be a little bit stuffy. While live entertainment is a very valid and in man cases appropriate option, a DJ will be able to create the same ambience earlier on and gradually ramp things up over the entire night, towards a full blown dance floor spectacular. We have provided our premium service to a great many Christmas parties over the years – feel free to contact us to discuss how we can create the vibe you’re looking for.

entertainment at christmas party

2.) Location, location, location!

If at all possible, have the party OUTSIDE of the office! Although it can be interesting to see your place of work become a party den of debauchery, it’s also fraught with complications and a cocktail or two away from bums on photo copiers. Plus, it really doesn’t help to get people out of work mode when they are physically still at work. Try and host the party somewhere a little bit unusual (think aquarium, warehouse, hedge maze) as this will become a great talking point, and hopefully when the topic of Christmas Parties comes up years down the track people will fondly say “remember the one at the hedge maze?”

perfect venue for christmas party dj hire

3.) Ensure food is tasty A.F

Canapés. They don’t have to be a cana-pain! It’s 2017: Pigs in blankets are out and truffle arancini are in. Be original – the food needs to be a talking point in itself, as guests search for literally anything other than work to talk about. A popular trend at the moment is to hire in a food truck (or even a few) to serve up tasty treats straight off the hot plate. Not only does this solve your delicious dilemmas but you can also support the local small business foodies who often don’t have much work outside of events and festivals. Check out this list of ten of Perth’s best food trucks .

food trucks at christmas party

4.) Singing Syrup

Of course, there’s no point serving excellent food if your beverage game is lacking. A few pointers: self-service bars always end in disaster. Consider hiring someone to man (or woman) the bar – this is just as important as having a DJ controlling the tunes as things can get messy quickly if you don’t. Make sure you’re stocked up on water and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers. Mulled wine and other wintery Christmas beverages always go down a treat – here’s a list from Jamie Oliver for some more inspo.

disco balls at Christmas party dj hire

Sauced up Secret Santa

The Secret Santa is a hallowed tradition of many a work place, but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up with a new spin on and old favourite – Santa bidding wars! Here’s how it works: each participant buys a $10 gift and puts it in a communal pool so no one knows who bought what. Everyone gets $10 000 worth of monopoly money, and the presents are unwrapped one by one with guests bidding for the gifts with their fake money. Whoever bought the gift that attracts the highest bid gets an additional special prize and whoevers rakes in the least has to complete a dare as chosen by their colleagues.

guy at Christmas party

Everyone should be having as much fun as this guy!