It’s no secret that first-rate music is the key to any wedding reception, 21st or special event. Parties can all too often fall flat due to a lack of musical planning. But what are the really important things to consider when booking Mobile DJs?

While it’s a significant investment, hiring a DJ through Full Effect’s Perth based friendly and professional DJ service ensures that your special occasion won’t descend into the general mayhem that tends to occur when the bubbles have been flowing, and your drunk uncle Gazza is getting handsy with the iPod. Having a designated driver for your sound system pays huge dividends. It allows you to relax and get your boogie on, without the horrible experience of Dancefloorus Interuptus.

But what separates a Full Effect DJ from the pack of other Perth Mobile DJs? In this blog post, we look at ten very important questions you should ask when booking a DJ for your wedding, or any event for that matter, to make sure you’re getting more bangers for your buck.

  1. How would you define your style?

It is absolutely essential for a wedding/party DJ to be stylistically adaptable and able to serve up a cocktail of different genres on the fly. There are many DJs within the club scene who work exclusively with a particular genre, eg. Electro-house or trance, and may not have a repertoire wide enough to accommodate the diverse tastes present at a wedding or house party. A Full Effect DJs set will contain elements of Top 40 Pop, 80s and 90s cheese, pub rock sing-alongs, hip-hop and r n b.  Not really sure what you want? No worries! We’ll start with what we know works, and use the crowd’s responses to take it to the next level.

  1. Are you my DJ?

Other larger DJ companies will have sales reps that you correspond with before the event. Be aware you aren’t actually talking to the person who will DJ your event. This can be problematic, as you are relying on the salesperson to convey important event details through to the DJ. At Full Effect you always communicate directly with your designated DJ, who most often will be company director Vince Cargeeg. A pre-event consultation with your DJ is included with all wedding packages. Also included is unlimited consultation via phone or email in the lead-up to your big day.

  1. Is this your first Rodeo? 

As you may have noticed while shopping around, there are a large number of companies providing DJs in Perth. Note that some of them are under experienced “bedroom DJs” that advertise their DJ services in Perth primarily on Gumtree. They often lack the critical skill of ‘reading the room’ or for that matter any kind of musical sensibility, and will not see any issue with playing a hard-core techno set at a wedding because it’s what they like. Price-wise, they will undercut all of the more professional outfits and often charge as little as $200 for a gig. This may seem very tempting, but keep in mind nine times out of ten you’ll be paying someone to ruin your party for you (Uncle Gazza would have done that for free).  At Full Effect, all of our Perth DJs have a minimum of five years professional experience, so you know you’re not getting a bedroom whiz kid with fisher price decks.

  1. What equipment are you packing?

Ask the DJ for the basic specifications of their speaker and lighting setup. Then do a quick Google to make sure they are working with brand-name equipment. If they seem to not know much abut their gear or aren’t willing to tell you about it AVOID! Any tradesman should be able to speak at length about their tools.  At Full Effect, we use industry standard DJ gear from JBL (speakers), Traktor (midi controllers) and Blizzard Lighting. If a DJ is offering super cheap prices ($200 or so) they could be working with cheap speakers and lights. These can be purchased on Ebay for as little or less than what they will be charging you for the gig. Our standard package setup is worth around $10 000. Lower end systems may lack the grunt or sound quality to fill larger halls and venues. This will lead to a sub-par experience for you and your guests.

  1. Requests policy

Be clear on how you’d like your DJ to handle requests! If you have a list of requests, provide these to the DJ no less than two weeks in advance. We’ve done a separate full blog posts on the contentious issue of requests – check it out here.

  1. Price inclusions

At Full Effect we work with a simple all-inclusive pricing structure with no hidden costs – easy peezy, just one fee(zy). You should make sure your chosen DJ Company isn’t going to send you a cheeky bill you for any extras, like equipment hire or pack-up fees.  Important note: Our quotes cover music until 12am. If you wish for the DJ to stay longer, this is charged at $75.00 per additional hour or part thereof.  This is the only situation where you’ll be charged more than your original quote.

  1. Mc’ing, Announcements and Speeches

If you expect your DJ to make announcements throughout the evening, make this clear in advance. Provide the announcements in writing to the DJ, as well as a schedule of when they need to be made. Our DJs are happy to help with the smooth running of your event by making announcements at no extra cost. If you require a full M.C service for a wedding, this will be factored into your quote. If you plan to have speeches during the evening, let your DJ know so they can bring the right amount of equipment and microphones if required.

  1. How do you customise your set for the Bride and Groom?

DJ-ing a wedding requires much more skill and preparation than the average party gig, which will typically be reflected in the fee. If your DJ doesn’t seem willing or able to go the extra mile to make your night of nights exceptional, you should really think about giving them the flick. At Full Effect, we think of the music at a wedding as a unique collaboration between bride, groom and DJ. In our pre-event consultation, we openly discuss musical choices for both the ceremony and reception. We can offer suggestions based on our extensive experience should you find yourself a little stuck for ideas. We can also provide musical suggestions for your ceremony, and by arrangement operate sound and music during the ceremony.

  1. Are you PPCA licensed?

The relevant licensing body for Mobile DJs in Perth is the PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia). The PPCA charges an annual licensing fee, in order to make sure that royalties are passed on to the artist’s whose music we present. The license number for Full Effect Professional DJ service is 1022137.

  1. Can you offer extra special Effects, like up lighting and ‘dancing on clouds’ effects.

If you want to give your Perth wedding or party that extra special edge, you may want to consider using special lighting effects like up lights to highlight certain features of the venue. Perhaps you’ve seen the popular ‘dancing on clouds’ low lying fog effect and would like us to help you create a magical and photogenic dance.  Or maybe you’ve got a completely different idea -– whatever it is, from custom monogram lighting to retro flamingo flocks, we can help you make it happen!


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