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Money Matters

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Cash Rules Everything Around Me:
The Dollars and Sense of DJ-ing

Presented by Full Effect: Best DJ Hire Perth

  •  Where does my fee go?
  • What am I really paying for?
  • Why does DJ Hire in Perth cost so much?
  • I’m a DJ, how much should I charge for my DJ services?

Today I thought I’d address the above, which are questions that we come across surprisingly often. They are all fair questions: If I weren’t in the business of running the best DJ hire Perth I’d probably be asking the same thing. It comes from the same place that makes me wonder why my morning coffee costs $5.50 and why my therapist can charge $325.00 an hour: I’ve failed to take into account all the overheads involved. So here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re either A.) pricing your services as a D.J, or, B.) booking a D.J and feeling like you’re being outrageously overcharged. Many mobile DJs in Perth would rather just focus on the music, and don’t consider this stuff to be important, but the reality is you’re a small business so you need to act like one!

As a DJ hirer, one thing to always keep in mind is that as with every service, you get what you pay for, and if you want the Best DJ Hire Perth then you won’t receive it for $100 and half a block of Emu Export (if they accept this as payment, they might not be legit).

DJs usually work many hours for free before they get their first pay cheque

DJing is a very specialised skill, requiring hundreds of hours of training. The assumption is often made that DJs are simply button pushers, and ‘anyone could do it’ if they had access to the equipment. Its this attitude that sees many young wannabe DJs spend thousands on equipment and decks; only to discover learning the trade takes effort and they can’t just turn it on, press buttons and look cool immediately. (As a sidenote, we like to buy their barely used equipment at a huge discount when they ultimately put it on Gumtree).

Even just knowing how to set up and operate a PA system, decks or a controller and lighting requires a considerable amount of training. This knowledge is gained before you’re able to select and mix music. A mobile DJ must also be an electrician, acoustician, music expert, a dispute mediator and occasionally a counsellor. So you see, it’s a lot more than ‘just pressing buttons’ and the amount you end up paying for the service will reflect this.

dj in training for best dj hire Perth

DJ equipment is expensive

equipment used by best dj hire perth

The tools that we need to run the best DJ hire perth are specialised and very expensive. These tools include speakers, decks, controllers and lighting, smoke machines, fog machines and much more. A complete setup for a new mobile DJ can cost anywhere between 7 and 10 000 dollars. Repairs to speakers and lights can cost hundreds. While we accept this part of being in the entertainment business, there is no denying that it pushes our overheads up.

Music is expensive

Admittedly, it’s got a little cheaper since everything has gone digital and a little more convenient now we don’t have to lug about boxes of records or cds. The average price for single tracks is around 99c, and most DJs need to be able to access 10 000 or so tracks – so that’s 10k worth of music.

In addition, we pay a yearly fee to the PPCA in order to have the right to play that music in a commercial setting.

best dj hire Perth purchasing expensive music

EVERYTHING is expensive!

taking care of business at best dj hire perth

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….No, it’s a million other overheads! Unfortunately running the best dj hire Perth cannot be achieved ‘on the cheap’. Just like any small business, a mobile DJ service has to pay for insurance, fuel, vehicle, storage, website design, tax, utilities, accountants, business cards, flyers, banners, fridge magnets, face book advertising, general admin, company registration… the list goes on and on and on!

So how do we at Full Effect figure out our quotes for the Best DJ Hire Perth? It’s as simple as figuring out how many hours the job will take and multiplying this by an hourly rate, which accounts for the DJ’s skill as well as our fixed costs. If the venue is outside of the Perth Metro area we add a small allowance to cover the cost of our fuel. The Wedding and Special Event industry is notorious for hearing the word wedding and automatically adding a mark-up of up to 50%. This is something that we at Full Effect strongly disagree with. We do in fact charge more for weddings, however only in line with the extra hours that are required for consultation, MCing and bona fide, verifiable extra work. This is very different to charging one price for a bouquet of flowers to a bride, when you sold an identical bouquet to someone else who wasn’t getting married for 50% less.

quote for the best dj hire Perth

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